The cuisine of Zanzibar, how could it be otherwise, is a tasty combination of Arab, Indian and British influences that are seasoned with the spices that made the archipelago so famous: cloves, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon …

A varied gastronomic range that It includes seafood, meat, fish and salads as well as typical dishes that I recommend you try.

Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar

Simple, filling and flavourful

Arab, Indian & British 

Gastronomy with arabic, indian and british influence

Fresh & Naturals

Fresh products, without much preparation

Indian Ocean

Exotic fruits and vegetables on the same plate.

Five senses

Flavors and smells that awaken senses


The traders from the Middle East introduced most of the spices to Zanzibar, which is also referred to as the spice island.

The most important spices are cloves, but also nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, turmeric and vanilla grow well on the islands. Some of the dishes the Indians brought include the popular biryani rice, masala, chutney, curries and samosas.ando ingredientes para el consumo local.

Awaken your senses

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Our Restaurant

A destination to savor

Drinks & desserts

Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar


If you like beer, go for the two local brands: Safari and Kilimanjaro.

Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar


The wines served in restaurants are usually South African and European.

Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar


As for desserts, forget the sweets and taste exotic fruits and natural juices. They are delicious.

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