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Kizimkazi –  Zanzibar

Welcome to Bella Vista Zanzibar Resort

Perfect situation

Close to the beach and surrounded by greenery.

South of Zanzibar

Located in the south of Zanzibar, in a fishing village called Kizimkazi.

Indian Ocean

Bathed by the ocean Indian Ocean, the third-largest of the world’s oceanic.

Connect with nature

Vegetation and habitat of dolphins and whales.

Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar

Located in Kizimkazi. 

Our hotel is located in the south of Zanzibar, in a fishing village called Kizimkazi, bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by the wonderful wild nature of the island and overlooking the daily routine of the local people, friendly welcoming people who will make you enjoy your stay not only as one more tourist, but also getting closer to the customs and traditions of this part of Africa. 

Feel the calm of the ocean…

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Fishing in the Indian Ocean.

Spice Tour

Walking tour in a spice farm. 


Free dolphins in their habitat


Discover the Indian Ocean.

Safari Blue

Seafood in the middle of the ocean.

Stone town

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2000.

The Rock

A small restaurant accessible by boat .


Beautiful underwater life of Zanzibar.

Privileged environment

Aside from all of our activities, we invite our guests to enjoy local life, fish, stroll through town, talk to people, and enjoy our indescribable sunsets, enveloped by the sound of calm in town.

During your stay at our hotel you can connect with nature and immerse yourself in the wonderful local life of this part of the island.

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 The Resort features 25 rooms for business or leisure travelers complete with free Wi-Fi and in room coffee and tea facilities.

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Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar

Local plates

Wali (rice), ugali (maize porridge), nyama choma (grilled meat), mshikaki (marinated beef), samaki (fish), pilau (rice mixed with a variety of spices)…   More Details

Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar


Few of the raw materials gets stored or bought from the shops. Rather it comes straight from the source- the sea, the fishermen, the farmer or the market.  More Details

Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar

Cooked every day

Zanzibar cuisine needs to be cooked on the spot to enjoy the authentic flavor of spices.   More Details

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Bella Vista Hotel Kizimkazi Zanzibar